Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers across the world. It is a great tool for web developers and companies that need to convert their websites into apps, games, and other useful content.

Top Six Google Chrome Extensions

  1. FoxClocks

The Foxclocks google extension allows users to solve problems faster and make decisions more effectively.

The main idea is to use machine learning algorithms to adapt human behavior. A team of researchers has developed the Foxclocks algorithm at Google to generate content based on search queries automatically. They are able to detect keywords, structure sentences, and improve the quality of the output. Once they have detected an idea, it is then transformed into a form that humans can easily read.

  1. Evernote Web Clipper.

Evernote Web Clipper is an extension that helps you to capture any web page you are on by clicking on the “Clip” button.

A big advantage of Evernote Web Clipper is that it can be used in the office, but it does not require any special skills. A company can use Web Clip for quick and easy content generation at scale and help them improve productivity.

The Evernote Web Clipper is among the most popular tools to capture web content for use in emails, wiki notes, etc.

Bitwarden is a tool that helps you to manage your Google account, manage your private documents, and synchronize data from different services. The Bitwarden app is a cool way to manage your email. It serves as a private inbox, if you prefer it that way, or as an email aggregator for people who are not into using it.

Bitwarden provides an easy way to keep track of your tasks and payments. You can set up reminders for time-consuming tasks and make payments through Bitwarden from any web browser.

  1. Adblock Plus – free ad blocker

Adblock Plus (ABP) is a free extension that users can install on their browsers to block ads. The extension’s creators say that it could help reduce overall website visits by as much as 50%. This could be an important change in the way that people interact with websites.

Websites will be able to show more relevant ads or even provide additional services, like a coupon code, for users who have installed AdBlock Plus. This could also help advertisers who are currently relying on clicks from other parts of the site.

  1. Save to Pocket

The “saved to Pocket” is a simple extension that helps users save their website or app in a convenient place. It also allows them to share the page with the person they are currently talking with.

This extension can save a text straight into your pocket. This could be great for making a quick summary of important information, writing notes to yourself, or simply saving snippets of thoughts that you have when you are in the middle of something.

  1. Tab Wrangler.

The Tab Wrangler is a Chrome extension that allows you to add tab grouping and location-based keyboard navigation to your browser.  This means, for example, that you can get the tab closest to the current window or the one which will be shown first when you open the page.  It works by detecting actions – keystrokes, mouse movements – as well as common URLs and checking for what kinds of actions are performed with these.

Using this extension, I can simply create a new project containing all my websites in one folder on my desktop and drag and drop it into my browser.


Google extensions are a great way to get more done in your workspace. You can add extra functionality to any page by using Google extensions.

They are useful for users in many different ways. They can be used to access various services that are restricted by the company.

Google extensions are a great way to make Google search more powerful. Google extensions have an enormous impact on the way people use Google’s services. In this post, we will focus on two features of extensions.

Some of them can be found in Google’s Chrome store, others from the Internet Archive, and others are just created by people who want to share their knowledge with the public.