This year, as many of us know, Microsoft stopped providing updates for the much-loved operating system Windows 7. After January 14th 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide updates. But is the big deal with updates anyway? And should you just stick with the operating system you know and love or should you make the jump to Windows 10? I am going to give you some information on the topic to help you decide what is right for you.

Security Issues

One of the main issues with not updating your operating system with regular updates is the potential for issues to crop up. This is because the longer any piece of software is on the market, the more time hackers must discover insecurities in the code they can then break into your operating system and take your data. If you have other people on your system, their data will be present and there is the potential for that data to be breached too. You may want to conduct a GDPR audit to see where there are weaknesses and issues that need to be patched. You can learn more here about how to get that started.

Bear in mind this might not be that big of an issue for you though if your windows 7 machine is being used for a specific purpose. Perhaps your Windows 7 machine is being used as a data centre for your home and most of the time does not even run windows at all. So long as it is isolated from the internet, it should be fairly secure. If you lack the right security updates for your system when you are on the internet you are exposing yourself to high levels of risk. Therefore, Microsoft has been regularly prompting you to upgrade. You are probably seen the full-screen notification that is begging you to update.

Lack of Future Compatibility

If you continue to use the same programs and do not intend on using up-to-date programs, then sticking to Windows 7 should be fine. But, if you happen to be invested in specific Dynamic Mule Domain Projects, for instance, and prefer to take advantage of up-to-date features and newer software for this purpose, then you probably might start to struggle a lot more. When Microsoft drops technical support for an operating system, many software developers stop developing with Windows 7 in mind. So, you will see a lot more compatibility issues crop up.

For the gamers among you, you might be hit worse by compatibility issues, especially if you enjoy most online games like Settlers of Catan online, for one, or enjoy playing the latest titles. Online game servers will not cater to working with Windows 7 going forward so it if you are a gamer, we would urge you to update your system so you can continue enjoying new titles.

On the other hand, if you are happy with your current library of games and do not plan on buying or downloading anymore, you should be set. Some people enjoy playing older games and that is ok too, they still have their entertainment value. You could still enjoy playing popular games like Skyrim, for instance, on Windows 7 without any issues. But mods might become a bit more complicated in that kind of environment.

Businesses are at Risk of being Left Behind

Because of Windows 7’s popularity it has been widely adopted by the business sector throughout its life span. Despite the approach of the end date, many companies are opting to stick with Windows 7 because it suits their business’s workflow and they do not see the need to spend revenue to update to Windows 10.

I can understand that there will be a lot of growing pains for enterprise Windows 7 users because a lot of their IT infrastructure will need to be overhauled due to compatibility issues but for most business owners it is the right thing to do. They are all risking major cyber attacks if they do not upgrade their operating systems. Deploying such container systems as kubernetes may be the way to go with upgraded software.

To conclude, for the vast majority of PC users, an upgrade to Windows 10 is a good idea. But if you have old hardware and you have a setup that will not be accessing the internet you can make a case for still using Windows 7 in 2020. Those that decide to stick with Windows 7 will need to take additional precautions with their cybersecurity though.