Smartphone technology is taking over the world. There are plenty of phone apps that allow you to do more than just talk, text, and play games on your phone. Here are ten phone apps that will help make your life easier, including one that will instantly close apps.

Quit All is an app that allows you to quit all other apps that you are in. It is good at saving on phone power and not draining your battery without you being aware. Perhaps we should have finished with this one but it is an extremely useful app for you to know about. Many apps will come in a suite of apps, so you have the benefit of many tools from one download. Check out the websites and online app stores.

Google Maps This will allow you to find directions with a map or satellite view, so you never get lost again. It also provides public transport information, so you can always find your way around town.

Evernote is a virtual notebook that lets you take notes and store pictures, web pages and other documents. This app is perfect for people who need to stay organized and have quick access to important information.

Skype allows you to make phone calls and video calls for free over the internet. This is a great app to use if you have family or friends living abroad.

Mint helps you track your expenses and see where your money is going. This can be helpful for people who are trying to budget their money or are looking to save money.

Amazon Kindle allows you to read books on your phone, and it has a built-in dictionary so you can look up words without having to leave the page. This is a great app for people who love to read but don’t have time to go to the library.

Facebook is one of the most popular phone apps available. It allows you to connect with your friends and family, stay up-to-date on their lives and share your updates. It’s a great way to stay connected with the people you care about most. It’s also a valuable app during a natural disaster or terrorist attack, as certain features can let your followers know you are safe. 

Twitter is a social media platform where users can post short 280-character “tweets”. Users can follow other users, meaning tweets from those users will appear in their timeline. Many use the app as a way to keep up to date on global issues, whilst world governments use it as the de facto platform to make official announcements.

Instagram is also one of the most popular apps right now. It’s a photo and video sharing app that lets you share your best pictures with your friends and followers. You can also follow other users to see their photos and videos. Instagram is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, and it can also be used to promote your business.

WhatsApp, as mobile technology goes, is a powerful tool that can be used for many different things. It’s notable for its encrypted messaging service, meaning you can send a message to friends without the risk of security services being able to intercept it. This is especially useful in countries with authoritarian regimes where the internet is heavily censored and deviations from the official line can be risky. Encrypted messaging, therefore, is much safer to use.


Be sure to explore not just the app store on your phone but also websites to find phone apps that will help make your life easier. Having the right phone apps can make a big difference in your day-to-day life. You can keep in touch with family and see what is going on locally and internationally. A financial news app can help you to manage your finances, alongside a money app.

One of the most important apps that you should have is a map app. A map app can help you find your way around town, and it can also help you find specific addresses or businesses. If you are finding your way around a new city, be sure to download a map app before you go.

For effective and unbroken communications, you have the usual social media platforms where an app shortcut will assist. Don’t forget an app that shuts everything down to conserve battery power. It is a convenient and eco-friendly approach to mobile phone use.