From what we know, life started on our blue planet, planet Earth, about 3.5 billion years ago. Unfortunately, so did death. And so far, little has slowed the reaper down.

Approximately 99% of everything that ever lived is now extinct. There is basically no scientific reason to think humans will not join them in a short time, within the context of the life span of Earth. I say basically because, if we try super hard, we can create a theoretical, science-based solution for death. Let us call it a “quantum respawn”.

Quantum Respawn

We are not the first generation to dream of living forever. But we are the first to have access to the work of brilliant physicists that are smart enough to tackle this very question. The study I am referring to is called “Conditional teleportation of quantum-dot spin states,” the piece describes the experimental quantum entanglement of electrons. It’s main focus is on quantum teleportation, a crazy feature of quantum physics where information can be shared between two physically- distant quantum objects. Instead of information going in and out, entangled quantum objects share information with no delay. That is why it is called teleportation.

It is awe-inspiring that scientists are now using electrons as a vessel for teleportation. Usually, when scientists undertake quantum teleportation studies, they entangle a couple photons and then use a third photon to perturb the first one. Since it is entangled with the second, whatever transpires to it simultaneously happens to both. This means we can teleport information from point A to point B with zero chance it will be interfered with in any way.

Scientists have used these principles of entanglement to teleport messages across Earth, from space to Earth, and even into the cold heart of an imperfect diamond. Many field leaders think, thanks to quantum teleportation and the advent of quantum computing, we are on the brink of naturally perfect encryption.

The Possibilities

Many believe that life is just a replicating code, and this applies to us humans as well. But clearly there is something unique about us. If you look at all we have been about to create and manipulate, it is hard to argue against this simple hypothesis: humans are not just squishy bags of meat. We are a unique set of data running on a fancy neural network inside our gray matter.

What if we could upload that data off our brains and move it to a different machine? The biggest issue, of course, is that “copying”! a human does not result in having two of the same persons, it creates another, different human. Just like your kids are not actually you, your clone is a separate entity all together.

In addition, classical computational frameworks will not apply to us. We are quantum beings in a quantum world. The same workflow as we have with traditional computers will not translate well.

But quantum computing is not limited by the binary thinking necessary for classical systems to operate. If we combine teleportation with quantum search algorithms, and… maybe, something else, we should be able to exploit quantum mechanics to teleport our singular consciousness from one vessel to another. As long as the vessel is fit for purpose.

I say “maybe, something else” because classical neural networks probably are not the road ahead. We are going to need an improved understanding of organic neural networks or as most call them, brains, before we can figure out a way to house consciousness inside a quantum computer. But once we crack that code, and then come up with an interface to compare and teleport our consciousness at the moment of our death, it should be smooth sailing.

Ultimately, with amazing developments in the understanding of quantum entanglement and quantum physics as an entire field, these science fiction ideas of teleporting whole people could become a reality. Coupled with a mastery of the mind and that generation will probably get to live forever.