Rolling out a digital marketing campaign is more complex than it may seem. No longer can something be posted online and instantly go viral. Now, digital marketing campaigns require hours and hours of grueling work, and even then, they may not succeed as well as hoped. In fact it is why many companies invest in digital marketing services as this is a quicker, easier and probably the more successful option. When creating a digital marketing campaign, there are a few aspects that need to be considered thoroughly to maximize the campaign’s chances of success. This means considering the professionalism of the SEO services, how to find excellent social media management software, and what sort of strategies will be used for the optimum success rates. These are only a few examples, too! Here’s some more of what to consider.

Realistic goals

There are plenty of marketers who set their bars high. Many want to roll out a campaign and engage with at least a million people in the space of a week using social channels. For some huge brands, that may be an achievable goal, but for most, it’s not. No matter what size the brand is, there must always be attainable goals set in place. These goals also need to specific. If they’re not, it’s usually unclear if they have ever been met. A realistic goal may sound like ‘boosting blue jeans sales by 30% over six months on the online retail store’. This goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time. A digital marketing campaign can then be constructed with that goal in mind, maximizing impact.


Reaching consumers is critical when it comes to the success of a campaign. Even if the most exciting campaign has been constructed, if no one can see it, it’s a waste of resources. Focusing on reach and getting the campaign out to the desired audience should be a priority. Reach can be done on any kind of digital platform. This includes TV, PPC, social marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and much more. You can choose the most appropriate marketing channel for your target market based on the clients you have. For example, if your target market is very active on LinkedIn, you need to curate engaging content that they would expect from a LinkedIn channel. If you find it difficult to create content or lack resources, you could always outsource this work to a linkedin ads agency whom you feel capable to do the marketing for your brand. The whole point of LinkedIn is to expand your professional network and allows you to directly contact professionals in your sector. Having said that, various channels may need to be used for multiple target markets to reach as many people as possible. A digital marketing agency like Itonic would be able to help brands decide which channels are best to target their chosen demographics.


For a campaign to succeed, it must be engaging. This means consumers are paying attention to the campaign and interacting with it. The campaign may have many purposes, such as increasing brand recognition, improving product sales, or launching a new product or service. However, no matter the goal, if the content isn’t engaging, eye-catching, or relevant, it’s not going to get the attention it desires. This is a crucial aspect to look out for. To ensure the campaign is engaging, the needs and wants of the demographic must be studied. This ensures that the campaign will appeal to the target demographic, and there are more chances of it becoming a success. For example, if the demographic is mainly on Facebook, use it. There’s no point trying to post content elsewhere as the target demographic won’t engage with it.


Crafting content isn’t so hard when the right demographic has been chosen, and the engagement tips have been followed. However, the content format matters. Images and videos are great for grabbing attention, especially on social platforms; however, that’s not relevant if the chosen demographic is being targeted over the radio. Content is critical, but it must be designed for the right consumers. Most campaigns will use a range of digital channels to share their message, which requires many different content formats. Blog posts are ideal for websites and can boost credibility. Photos and videos are ideal for social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Audio content works well with radio channels or streaming services. Choose the content wisely depending on the target market.

Digital marketing campaigns can take a while to craft as there are a lot of elements to consider, however, they are extremely beneficial. With most people being online some way or another nowadays, a digital marketing campaign is one of the best ways to target consumers and get vital messages across.